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Pet Sitting & House Minding Service

  • We guarantee cover for your pets 365 days per year

  • A 15 - 20 minute visit to your pet in their own home

  • Excellent care and attention for your pet and property

  • Friendly relaxed relationship built with your pet

  • I feed your pet, change water and clean litter tray daily

  • Hoover/ sweep to keep litter tray area clean

  • Administer medication

  • Play with your pet and cuddles, attention as soon as I arrive

  • Fill out a care sheet so you can find out how your pet has been

  • Water plants and take bins out, turn lights on / off and draw curtains

  • Purchase food or litter at cost

  • No extra charge for more than one pet or other small animal

  • Send status updates by text or email

  • Deal with emergencies as they arise

  • Fairmilehead, Swanston and Morningside £12 per visit

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